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Welcome to Central Texas AquaOx, your premier destination for premium home filtration systems in Georgetown, TX and the surrounding area. Our home water filter company delivers some of the highest quality home water filters the industry can provide, offering incredible long term reliable solutions for clean water so that your clients can enjoy the healthy and pure water they've always wanted for their property.

Our home filter service relies on state-of-the-art custom water filters, specifically designed to accommodate all the water sources on a property so that you can deliver clean and free-flowing water for every utility. Bathrooms, showers, faucets and more, will all be providing top-quality pure and multi-filtered water. Our water filter system uses an advanced seven stage filtration system to deliver unmatched filtering capacity in an easily installed system that can last a family of four for fifteen to twenty years.

Central Texas AquaOx has all the tools, resources, and expertise to handle all of your premium water filter system needs in one convenient place for one affordable price. Our water filter service is designed to offer industry-leading quality filtered water quickly, easily, and affordably, ensuring that your customers are amazed by the results for years to come. Contact Central Texas AquaOx today to learn more! 



Central Texas AquaOx is a Home Water Filter Company in Georgetown, TX

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Water Filter System


Central Texas AquaOx provides industry leading water filter systems to create a pure and healthy water supply for all kinds of residential properties. Our residential water filters use the

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Home Filtration


Central Texas AquaOx proudly offers some of the highest quality home filtration products on the market to provide exceptional quality water for your clients. Our whole house water filters use a

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